Across our years in advertising and marketing,
we’ve worked with companies, large and small.

What We’ve Done

Large companies we’ve worked with include Blue Cross and Blue Shield, USAA Insurance, SAS, GlaxoSmithKline, Amoco, John Deere, McDonald’s, Ace Hardware, Grolsch Beer, Kraft Foods and many others.

We’ve also done work for the San Antonio Spurs, Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau, Kanki Japanese Steak House, Sinclair Institute, National Pawn, Wearever Healthcare, Plastic Surgery Center and a host of others.

We believe all of our clients deserve focused attention, but more importantly, our unbridled enthusiasm. And that’s how we’ve gotten remarkable results for our clients and won a few awards along the way.

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Samples of Our Work

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Capital Opera Ad
Coviracil Ad
Cafe Parizade Ad
Capital Opera

We believe even opera fans have a sense of humor, and the ads we’ve done for Capital Opera have kept a lot of seats filled, as well.


HIV is a very serious subject. Yet the people who are living with it want to know that their medicine can help them live their lives as normally as possible. Even if that includes the typical daily chores.

Cafe Parizade

It doesn’t hurt for a restaurant to offer mannerly advice. Especially when it can be parlayed into a message about the paintings that grace the walls and ceiling. Only downside to this ad was that it caused a lot of stiff necks among our regular patrons.

MeadWestvaco Ad
Durham County Literacy Council Ad
PacFab Ad

When you make packages that can protect a patient’s life, increase a company’s profit and not break the bank in the process, the fact is packaging does make a difference.

Durham County Literacy Council

Most literacy campaigns are filled with doom and gloom. We wanted one that focused on the positive in a way that offered a smile along with the request for help. Kids say the darndest things.


Most swimming pool heaters look alike, so we wanted to visualize the real point of difference for the MiniMax in a simple, compelling way. Enter the habañero. At trade shows after this ad ran, people called the MiniMax the “pepper” heater.

Cafe Parizade Ad
Surfaxin Ad
Mederma® Ad
Cafe Parizade

Why would we encourage people to get home early from a New Year’s Eve Party? Let’s just say the wait staff bribed us, so they could get to their own festivities. Worked on both counts.


When a newborn baby cries, that’s a good sign. But what about a baby that can’t cry? Because she can’t breathe. The most important first step is filling our lungs with air. And this campaign recognized the success of that very first breath. Because it resulted in a lot of other firsts.


How can you show where scars used to be without showing a lot of skin? After this campaign was on the air and in national women’s magazines for one month, Mederma® set sales records in two major retailers.

Some of this work was created or supervised by Don Pausback on behalf of another agency.